Lenny, Big Brother Alex and Wendy a few
months before the birth of Baby Boy #2!
Nicole & Nate celebrating the new year
a few months before the birth of
their first baby.
Childbirth Class Testimonials
Trusting Our Bodies
Chrissy catching her baby at home
immediately after his birth under water with
husband and father, Jake, supporting her.
Childbirth Classes &
Birth Services
Sandra holding Baby Alister with Todd
holding onto both of them just after their
wonderful birth experience!
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Sara holding Autumn Faith with Brian after
the homebirth with a midwife
Trusting Our Bodies Childbirth Classes

Serving Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania area
guidance is truly what allowed us to have the
birth that we wanted for our second child. I
would recommend all couples desiring a natural
childbirth take Jessica's Bradley class.

Amanda & Nate, Parents of three - two born
vaginally after a cesarean!

Jessica told me all about the wonderful options
available to pregnant women during their care
and labor and delivery.  The more I heard, the
more I was interested.  We enrolled in Jessica's
Bradley classes that were conveniently
scheduled for my husband and me to attend,
plans I was hooked.  There were so many
options I wish I had with my first child that I
did not want to miss with my second!  Reading
that and other books that discussed
complications from drugs and unnecessary
procedures made me realize how very fortunate
I was not to experience complications from my
first delivery.  

Wendy, mother of two boys
Natural birth at a hospital

I always thought a woman went to the
hospital, got her drugs, had the baby, and was
sent home.  Taking the childbirth classes shed a
new light on not only how a woman has a
baby, but how big a part the husband plays in
the birth.  All of the different labor positions
presented during class showed me how
husbands can really get involved.  

Lenny, Wendy's husband

A friend told us that we just HAD to take
Bradley classes. She herself had used Dr.
Bradley (a natural birth pioneer) in the '70s to
deliver her own babies. Knowing that we
needed to physically and mentally prepare for a
drug-free birth, we took Bradley classes for 3
months from Jessica. She opened her home to
us and taught interesting, thoughtful lessons
each week. We learned so much about the
business of birth in the U.S., mother's nutrition,
the physical and emotional signposts of labor
and also got to watch inspiring natural birth
videos each week.

Nicole & Nate, Parents of Baby Trevor
Natural birth at a hospital

After taking Jessica's Bradley class my husband
and I felt prepared and confident about our
plan to have a natural childbirth experience.  
The most important aspects that we took from
the class were to relax, stay calm, and let my
body tell me what to do.  With the knowledge I
had from the class, along with the support of
my midwife, and husband, I was able to push
my baby out while squatting and holding on to
the back of a hospital bed. For me this was the
most comfortable position to be in.  I was
going on day five of having the flu,  I was
weak, and beyond tired.  Gravity, along
with the ability to push my feet downward,
helped me to push out my beautiful baby boy.  
Learning that I had control of the situation, and
learning that there were many different
positions one could be in helped me
tremendously.  I loved that I was able squat!  
Thanks Jessica!

Sandra & Todd, Parents to baby boy, Alister!
Natural birth at a hospital

My husband and I took Jessica's Bradley
classes and learned so much even though we
already had two children! The classes were
wonderful and prepared us for our home
waterbirth and a new level of drug free delivery.

Chrissy & Jake, Parents to Brody and his two
big sisters
Natural waterbirth at home

We had a great birth experience with Jessica
being our childbirth instructor. By taking her
childbirth course, we were completely prepared
for our natural, homebirth! Before I had
Autumn, all I had to do was e-mail Jessica or
call her and she responded almost instantly.
That was important to me because I had so
many questions. I'm not sure I would of had
the strength to have a homebirth without the
support from Jessica.

Brian & Sara, Parents to Autumn and her big
sister, Julianna
Natural homebirth