Trusting Our Bodies
Jessica Groves
Childbirth Educator, Doula
Childbirth Classes &
Birth Services
I believe in the natural
process of birth.

I am a wife of 13 years to my
husband and mother to many.  I've
been blessed with
9 pregnancies
but some of them were losses.  We
lost two sons recently in the 2nd
trimester, Gabriel & Samuel.  Our
gifts in our arms are four beautiful
children - two boys and two girls.  
Our sons were born at a
freestanding birth center with
nurse-midwives and our daughters
and miscarried babies born at home
with a CPM's care.
 Happily, we are
pregnant again due late June 2015
and excited to welcome soon our
5th living child planning a hopeful
homebirth again.

It was our experiences in
pregnancy and having Bradley
births that led me to study
childbirth education and become a
certified instructor, as well as a
birth doula (a support person for
women and partners at their
births).  I've had the privilege of
guiding over 300 women and
families through their own journeys
in pregnancy and birth.  I look
forward to walking alongside of
you and providing the confidence,
knowledge and support
you need to make
your birth your own!
I'm a certified childbirth educator, and      
birth doula.

I'm a professional/personal member of...

AAHCC (The Bradley Method®)
ICAN of Baltimore
Midwives Alliance of North America
Midwifery Today
Maryland Natural Childbirth Educators
Maryland Friends of Midwives
Maryland Families for Safe Birth
Maryland Birth Network
Natural Parenting Carroll County
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Trusting Our Bodies Childbirth Classes

Serving Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania f
I've been trained as a childbirth educator by the
AAHCC and trained as a doula by DONA, the AAHCC,
and toLabor.  I've received certification by Karen
Strange in Neonatal Resuscitation Certification, I've
been certified in CPR, and trained by Lactation
Education Resources for breastfeeding support.  I've
earned a bachelor's from Clemson University and
take many continuing education classes in the areas
of childbirth, doula support, and midwifery to better
serve you.  I'm taken several courses at a MEAC
accredited midwifery school to better educate myself
for students and clients I serve in the
Maryland-Pennsylvania area.  
Christopher Gabriel, our son gone too soon.  
November 5, 2012 after 17 weeks of pregnancy.  He
was our second miscarried baby.  We know grief and
loss well.  We strive to help others who've also dealt
with grief in pregnancy or birth.
Our family holding
Samuel Anthony
born at home in water
into Mommy's hands at
19 weeks gestation.  
We miss him so and
love him dearly.  
August 4, 2013
Video: Silent Birth of
Samuel Anthony
We experienced two losses both on January
22nd (2011 and 2014) both also at 9.5 weeks of
pregnancy.  They warmed out hearts in the
weeks of excitement we experienced!  We miss
and love all of our angels.

COMING SOON: Baby #9 our 2015 Summer Joy!

Video montages of losses during pregnancy
are not recommended for pregnant women.