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Trusting Our Bodies Childbirth Classes

Serving Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania area
  • How to shorten your labor time,
  • How to lessen the intensity of labor,
  • Relaxation exercises, pressure points, comfort              
    measures and massage techniques,
  • Nutrition information to benefit you during                   
    pregnancy and beyond,
  • Exercise, posture in pregnancy
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning including hands-on demonstrations
  • Discussing your choices of where to give birth (hospital, birth
    center, home),
  • Discussing your choices of your supportive birth team
    (obstetrician,  midwife, doula),
  • Helping you find the right birth place and birth attendants for

  • Assistance writing a birth plan so your birth team will know
    your wishes during labor and how you want your baby to be
    cared for after the delivery,
  • Learning effective positions to labor in,
  • Learning effective pushing positions for 2nd stage labor,  
  • Thorough education on medical interventions, including the
    ability to see each intervention and how it is used,
  • How variations of labor may arise and how to deal with
  • How to avoid an unnecessary episiotomy and cesarean section,  
  • Providing medical journal research to support all teachings,
  • Breastfeeding benefits and education, as well as newborn and
    postpartum care info,  

  • DVD-enriched classes
  • Labor rehearsals with hands-on practice
  • A student binder with full color photos, graphics including a
    labor guide and relaxation guide
  • Two childbirth books - Creating Your Birth Plan, Ina May's
    Guide to Childbirth, Active Birth or Mind Over Labor
  • Access to our lending library of childbirth books and DVDs,  
  • Online membership included to the class Yahoo Group with over
    300 files of information, resources and medical research on 75
    childbirth-related issues,
  • How to trust your body and the natural process of labor to have
    the safest birth for mother and baby that is possible!

Don't delay in
signing up today for Trusting Our Bodies childbirth
Women and their birth companions will gain
knowledge, confidence and empowerment by taking
Trusting Our Bodies childbirth classes.  Over 12 units
of instruction covering pregnancy, labor, birth,
postpartum, breastfeeding and much more!
We touch on the physical, emotional and
mental aspects of this journey.  

These classes are fully comprehensive, including: